A quick Lesson in Hip Flexor Anatomy

You will discover four major areas in the more compact muscle tissues that make up the overall unlock your hip flexors review muscle mass: the abdomen/hip region, the entrance of the thigh, the gluteus, and the within of thigh/groin.


Psoas Major/Minor

The Psoas Key is often a tapered muscle mass that operates together the front of your pelvic bone down to your hip joint; it is actually most likely by far the most essential from the hip flexor muscle mass. While it does assist carry the leg up, what’s more, it tremendously aids in exterior rotation (transferring your leg clear of your centre of gravity). The Psoas Minor also aids with this part, but only about 50% of folks have this muscle! This really is also considered one of the best hazard muscles for your hip flexor injuries thanks to its’ central posture.

Illiacus Muscle

The Illiacus Muscle is found suitable beside the Psoas, however it is a considerably more compact, triangular muscle. The Illiacus is really important for two kinds of movements, the main: open-chained (like whenever you are standing), it can help to lift the leg/knee forward. In closed-chained positions (consider lying down), it can support carry the higher 50 % in the torso up, like inside a sit-up. As a result of the significant hundreds generally put on the Illiacus it is usually a source of hip flexor suffering.

Muscle groups on Front of Thigh

Rectus Femoris

This can be what a lot of people would contact their quadriceps muscle mass, but it is really aspect on the hip flexor muscles. It definitely is involved in hip flexion, but it surely is also the first muscle when extending the leg (knee flexion) in a very standing posture, like kicking a soccer ball. Note that it’s not the first muscle for this very same movement inside of a seated placement if the hip is presently within a flexed situation, it’s constrained electricity, so other muscle tissue are use.


The Sartorius is usually a long slender muscle mass that runs through the hip joint all of the way right down to the knee in excess of best of the thigh. It aids in four significant actions: Flexion from the knee and hip, rotation within your leg, and adduction (pushing your legs collectively). Due to its’ several sides of motion, it mainly plays a guidance purpose to other hip flexor muscle tissue.

Gluteal Component

Tensor Fasciae latae

The Tensor Fasciae latae is mainly an adductor and stabilizing muscle. In lots of activities, strolling, working, snow actions, and lots of much more, it’s greatly utilized to stabilize the leg and aid the knee.

Internal Thigh Muscle groups

These four hip flexor muscles all have incredibly related capabilities for the scope of this short article. The Pectineus, Adductor longus and brevis, and the Gracilis all can be found in what most people would take into consideration the groin area. They are really dependable mostly for shifting the leg laterally, while they assistance from the flexion on the hip likewise.

When you can see, you will discover a number of hip flexor muscle tissues that every one get the job done together to aid hip flexion whilst satisfying other functions as well.

Information and facts is power; you owe it to your self and your body’s wellbeing to be aware of your injuries. For those who can comprehend accidents, you are able to diagnose them faster, deal with them greater, and restoration to the maximum feasible degrees.